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About Crush 1976™

Dope Evolution™ & Crush 1976™ was developed in 2010 but established in 2011. Dope Evolution™ was founded by Al-Javon Chapman, a young kid in high school that was always into fashion.

We are a unisex lifestyle brand developed in NJ and elevated by silent strength and confidence. Our inspiration is based on offering our peers a voice, and the dream chasers a chance. As we push the boundaries to deliver customers a completely unique experience.  We offer an array of premium products, ranging from our own in-house label and soon to come a curated selection of multi-brand apparel and footwear. 

Amongst the years besides fashion, I've always been into quality images. Picking up my first DSLR camera in High School. Here on our website in the About section I'll take you on the adventures I've taken my camera.

- Dope Evolution™